Sassafraz Wine Program and Menu

Our wine list currently contains over 300 selections from 16 countries, including over 30 products that you can enjoy by the glass. Our commitment and dedication to a world class wine program led to the installation of custom cellars made by La Vieille Garde. As beautiful as the cellars are, the most important factor is how well they keep the wines. Our whites are stored at 9˚C, and our reds at 17˚C, which allows for a combination of proper serving temperature and an effective storage temperature. To maintain our ‘by the glass’ wines, we installed ‘Le Verre de Vin’. This system eliminates oxygen in still wines, and adds a layer of CO2 in sparkling wines for preservation of the wine’s quality once it has been opened.

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Sassafraz is proud to support the Bring Your Own Wine (BYOW) initiative. Recent changes to the rules allow guests to bring their own wine to enjoy with our fine cuisine. Whether your wine has been carefully cellared for years for a special occasion, or straight off the LCBO shelves, we will cordially open and serve your selection in our Spiegelau crystal. A $30 ‘corkage’ fee will be charged for each 750mL bottle opened.